Flyboard® + Hoverboard® Combo Package

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ou get it all! The Complete Kit, a Flyboard® and a Hoverboard® by ZR. This is the complete kit with everything you will need to fly both of these amazing new creations from Franky Zapata. Both the Flyboard® and Hoverboard® are simple to fly and before long you will be flying across the water at speeds of up to 25MPH, cutting back and forth, climbing over 15 feet in the air and spinning on the Hoverboard® and soaring to more than 40 feet high on the Flyboard® as you amaze your friends and onlookers. We recommend a PWC with at least 130HP outfitted with a special Dual Impeller for best results. There are 3 Hose options and 2 Binding Boot options that must be selected. You should complete a Flyboard®/Hoverboard® Training & Safety Course administered by us or by an Authorized Flyboard Instructor. Please call or email for complete details.

What’s included in the Kit:

FB03A01 (1) Equipped U Pipe
FB03A03 (1) Equipped Hose Swivel
FB03A08 (1) Pump Interface Plate with Venturi
FB02002 (1) Main Hose, your choice of 3 Hoses
FB02003 (4) Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps
FB02020 (1) Hose Strap
FB02021 (1) Carabiner Hook
FB02022 (1) Fastening Strap
FB02064 (4) Stainless Screws
FB02065 (4) Binding Screws
FB03006 (4) Binding Claw Rings
FB03009 (1) Bindings, chose M or L
FB03B02 (1) Flyboard® Deck
HB01004 (1) Foot Pad (pair)
HB01005 (4) Foot Strap Screws
HB01009 (1) Foot Straps (pair)
HB01B01 (1) Oval Connector Assembly
HB01B02 (1) Hoverboard® Deck
HB01062 (4) Stainless Screws


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