Hoverboard® Kit



The Hoverboard® is the newest entry in Hydro Flight equipment from Zapata Racing. The Hoverboard® is amazingly simple to learn and in no time you will find yourself hovering across the water at speeds up to 25 MPH, cutting back and forth and soaring over 15 feet in the air spinning the board as you amaze onlookers. The Hoverboard® connects to the jet discharge of your Personal Watercraft (PWC) and uses the thrust to propel the Rider above the water at speeds up to 25MPH and with practice, you can soar over 15 feet in the air. It is recommended to use a PWC with at least 130 HP outfitted with a special Dual Impeller for best results. This kit is available with the our Standard Hose or optional X-Power Hose which is larger in diameter and is highly recommended for use with the Hoverboard®. The Standard Hose is 18 meters long and the X-Power Hose is available in either 18 or 23 meter lengths. It is recommended that you complete a Hoverboard® Training and Safety Course administered by an Authorized Training Center prior to purchasing a Hoverboard®. Please call or email for more information.

What’s included in the Kit:

FB03A01 (1) Equipped U Pipe
FB03A03 (1) Equipped Hose Swivel
FB03A08 (1) Equipped Pump Interface with Venturi
FB02002 (1) Man Hose, chose Standard or X-Power
FB02003 (4) Stainless T-Bolt Hose Clamps
FB02020 (1) Hose Strap
FB02021 (1) Carabiner Hook
FB02022 (1) Fastening Strap
HB01004 (1) Footpads (pair)
HB01005 (4) Stainless Socket Cap Screws
HB01009 (1) Foot Straps (pair)
HB01B01 (1) Equipped Oval Connector
HB01B02 (1) Hoverboard® Deck
HB01062 (4) Stainless Button Head Screws
In addition to this kit, you will need to purchase a holy & adapter mounting kit for your particular PWC (see list below for details)

FB03KAF01 All Sea Doo with a 4-Bolt Pump
FB03KAF02 2010 Sea Doo with a 3-Bolt Pump
FB03KAF03 Kawasaki 15F
FB03KAF04 Kawasaki Ultra
FB03KAF05 Yamaha
FB03KAF06 Honda


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